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New for 2022

The Diners' Club

Open day and night.
By day: The finest catering outlets serving taster dishes, pitched around a stretch tent with bar and seating. Sample taster pots from different stalls or a full portion from your favourite.
By night: The funkiest south west DJs spinning the tunes from 8pm.

The stalls in The Diners’ Club area provide smaller pots of food at a lower price so that instead of eating one dish you can sample more - it’s the essence of what a food festival should be.

Alec ShortPorthleven Food Festival Chairman
New for 2022

Daytime eats

Gourmet Street Kitchen
Authentic Thai Food Ltd
Wrap It
Born Sloppy
The Meatball Shack
Origins BBQ
Big Gs Grill - Marinated Chicken Wraps
Greek Traditional Souvlaki
Katie’s Cornish Hotpots
Mr Potato Head
That’s Nacho Burrito
Panda Catering

New for 2022

Night-time Beats

Evening DJs from 8pm.

Friday – Mongolian Disco Show
Saturday – Pete Isaac and Jelly Jazz
Sunday – Nigel Pengelly and Tim Dwelly