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Lime Kiln Stage – 5:00pm – Friday

Regret, Loss, Hope, Despair; Anger, Love, Salvation. Bound together with strong melodies and a classic approach to original, contemporary song-writing; The Landscape Society’s work discusses the ugliness of humankind and of modern living, coupled with unmaterialistic, positive reminders of our abilities to offer compassion, kindness and hope.
Not easy to pigeon-hole, musical influences include the song-crafting of The Beatles and Teenage Fanclub, the realism of The Smiths and the variances of Bowie. The works and messages of artist Joseph Beuys are also influential.
The band’s first album, ‘The Most Beautiful Man in The World’, soon to be released, was co-recorded and co-produced by Nigel Gray, the genius behind the early Police and Siouxsie and the Banshees albums.
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