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Our pals at the new Origin Roastery down on Treysa Place have put on a whole fringe event for Food Festival weekend – well worth the short meander from the main Festival site.

Head across the bridge on the Moors Field and along Methleigh Bottoms away from the harbour and the Roastery is about ten minutes walk along the road.

Friday 22nd

Brunch / Food from Kaupeka

4pm – Coffee Cocktail Course – book here

5pm – Cocktails on the courtyard

7:30pm – Sit down feast with tasting menu from Kaupeka – book here

11pm – close

Saturday 23rd

Brunch / Food from Kaupeka

10am – Latte Art Coffee Course – book now

1pm – Cocktails on the courtyard

4pm – Coffee Cocktail Course – book now

5pm – Food served from the container by Homage to the Bovine (no bookable seating)

11pm – close

Sunday 24th

Brunch / Food from Kaupeka

10am –  Espresso coffee course – book here

Midday, Workshop from Phillieigh Way, 3-hour bookable cookery workshop hosted in the courtyard – book now

1pm – Cocktails in the courtyard

5pm – Food by Philliegh Way (bookable dinner – link coming soon)

10pm – Close