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Sunday Night – Moors Field

The Old Time Sailors is a flashmob musical show, designed to take audiences on a time traveling adventure, back to the nineteenth century.

Every audience member receives a copy of The Sunday Sailor, a self-penned newspaper-shaped programme. Inside you will find lyrics to all the songs and detailed illustrations that explain how to dance with the sailors. This means everyone can sing along and become an Old Time Sailor for one epic night!

The crew comprises 15+ talented musicians. Each plays fully “unplugged”, ensuring an authentic live acoustic experience, designed to be energetic and fun. The Sailors put on a 3hour+ show, (including intermissions) enjoyed amidst friends and family, performing over 40 songs and tunes. Audiences are encouraged to sing and dance, surrounded by our Sailors! If you’re in the hall, you’ll witness an astounding show, unmatched in this music genre! So, expect high kicks ’til dawn (well, until 11pm anyway)!

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