Naomi Devlin – Gut Health & River Cottage Gluten Free

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Naomi Devlin

Chefs’ Theatre – 2.15pm – Saturday

Pretty much every morning Naomi wakes up, claps her hands and wonders what she might eat for breakfast.

Naomi is a foodie, in love with the changing seasons that bring rhubarb in February, asparagus in May and plums in August, and she’s endlessly fascinated by the diverse flavours of food from around the world. Although not a trained chef, she has always cooked, devouring recipe books greedily as soon as she could read. From her teenage years in a rural commune, where she learnt to make great pots of spicy dal and bake show-stopping birthday cakes, to more recent holidays in Italy where the vegetables were so good they only needed a slick of olive oil to sing, cooking and eating have been at the centre of her life.

“I love working with Naomi. She is a force of nature and her brilliant books have the power to change lives.” — Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Food took on a different meaning for a while when Naomi was diagnosed with coeliac disease, becoming a source of anxiety and often disappointment; restaurants were fraught with danger, and old favourites, like crusty bread, were off the menu. She could have sulked and pined for what she was missing, but chose instead to embrace the new challenge and celebrate the wonderful things that she could still safely and joyfully eat. Naomi learnt about the mysterious business of what goes on in the gut, and that what we eat, how we live and our emotional state all have a profound influence on our health.

Eating is such an integral part of our lives and an opportunity for each of us to comfort, delight and nourish, that Naomi has made it her mission to help others discover how delicious it can be to take care of your gut. Whether you go on one of her courses, read one of her books, pick up a few tips from her website or come and see her demo at Porthleven Food Festival she, wishes you good health and a happy belly!