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The Moors Field Fundraiser

The Moors Recreation Ground (or the Moors Field as it is locally known) is a community space for the people of Porthleven and plays a key role is helping us to host the festival – this is where you’ll find the Chef’s Theatre, Evening Sessions, Ann’s Pasty Lounge, family entertainment and lots of other fun stuff.

The Moors is a registered charity that is managed by the local parish council who do a brilliant job but are up against it with rising costs, so as you can imagine funds are tight. To help support our host community the festival’s donating £1000 to the Moors Recreation Ground charity. This contribution will go towards improving drainage and the general land upkeep, for the benefit of Porthleven.

But we need your help too. If you’re able please consider supporting the cause via our ticketing page or look out our Festival Angels at the event to donate in person from as little as £1. Thank you.

Porthleven 26-28 April 2024

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