Liam Jordan

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Liam Jordan

Literary & Acoustic Tent – 11:45am – Saturday

Due to release his debut album, Liam Jordan is a singer-songwriter and gigging musician based in the southwest of England, UK.

He started out playing in various folk clubs and bars, honing his craft and learning from his musical elders and mentors in the local area. Liam soon moved to Brighton where he studied songwriting and performed on a nightly basis around the local circuit with many residencies and at open mic nights.

It was there that Liam focussed his creative energy into his songwriting and wrote a few of his most popular songs – ‘Weeping Willow’ and ‘Song For The West Pier’.

Since moving back to Cornwall several years ago, Liam has been working hard, often gigging six to seven nights a week and even two to three gigs a day on weekends in the summer season.

He has written many more songs since then, including ‘Runnin’ Behind’ and ‘Mansion On The Hill’, and is due to release his first single ‘Tap At My Window’ in the early part of 2018, followed by his much-awaited self-titled album.