Kari Herbert

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Kari Herbert

Literary & Acoustic Tent – 12:45pm – Saturday

Kari is an author, travel photojournalist, voice over artist, publisher, a proud mum, and an occasional epic cake baker (or so her friends tell her).

Kari’s first book The Explorer’s Daughter, published by Penguin, was chosen by the BBC as Book of the Week, with excerpts read daily by Emelia Fox. It is currently featured on the Edexcel school curriculum. Her other published books include Heart of the Hero and In Search of the South Pole. Her latest offering – Explorer’s Sketchbooks – is to be released later this month.  All have been translated into several languages. More on writing here.

As a travel photo-journalist, Kari’s articles and photographs have been featured in magazines and newspapers worldwide, ands has acted as judge for the Guardian Travel Writing Competition three years running.

As a voice artist she has voiced documentaries, marketing and advertising campaigns for global brands such as Prada and the BBC, and have been the in-car navigation voice for Audi and BMW.

In 2007 Kari and Huw started a small indie publishing company producing gorgeous, award-winning illustrated books on photography and exploration.

All our titles have been co-published in numerous languages with some of the world’s most respected publishers. We also act as consultants for media and fashion companies and produce bespoke publications for well-known multi-national companies