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Event cancellation – FAQs

By March 12, 2020 No Comments

I have already purchased a ticket. Will I get a refund?

Yes, all tickets will be automatically refunded. This should be in your account within 2-3 working days.

I was supposed to be trading at the event? What do I do?

We will be refunding all balances to traders and rebooking your slot for the 2021 event. You should have received an email with details of this. Please email roxy@ilowhq.com with any queries.

I was meant to be performing at the event – what’s happening now?

All talent will be rebooked by default for next year’s Festival 23rd – 25th April 2021, unless you let us know otherwise. You will have received an email about this but please email your contact at the festival with any queries.

Can’t you just rearrange the Festival later in the year?

There are a number of reasons why this isn’t a viable plan. We’re a community Festival that is run within a village, using the local football and cricket grounds, farmland etc Trying to co-ordinate the sites, staff and infrastructure for a different weekend just isn’t logistically feasible. Traders and artists are also booked for other Festivals throughout the season. We’re held in April as a boost right at the start of a season that then runs right through to October so sadly, moving the Festival doesn’t really make sense. – but we’ll be back next year.

The government hasn’t said events need to be cancelled so why are you cancelling?

Because of the potential risks involved around the containment of Coronavirus. There is a very real risk, following the pattern of our European neighbours, that the UK government may ban events or restrict the movement of people: both events beyond our control. There is also currently advice from the World Health Organisation for those aged over 60, who form a large part of our event’s demographic, to avoid large gatherings.

We feel the responsible thing is to act now, rather than potentially have to cancel closer to the event, causing a lot more disruption for traders, visitors and artists as well as putting the future of the event in jeopardy because of escalating costs in the lead up to the Festival.

Why are you saying you are protecting the future of the event?

Because although the event will make significant financial losses by cancelling now, making this decision later in the process would have a huge impact on the Festival’s finances from which it may not recover.

Will there be anything happening in Porthleven over the weekend?

Porthleven’s shops and businesses will all be open as normal and most of the pubs have booked music acts and, as far as we are aware, these will still be taking place but people should contact individual venues to find out their plans.


Porthleven Food Festival cancelled for 2020

It is with heavy hearts that the organisers of Porthleven Food Festival must announce that our 2020 event, which was due to take place from 17-19 April, will be cancelled.

All ticketholders will be automatically refunded and all traders, acts, artists and speakers will be rebooked for the 2021 event.

The decision, which has not been taken lightly, has been made amidst the current situation with Coronavirus/ COVID-19 in the UK.

With less than five weeks to go any additional restrictions on the movement of people, or a nationwide ban on events being enacted in the coming weeks, would be financially catastrophic for our Festival. We therefore feel that we must cancel the event this year in order to guarantee its future survival.

The team has already put a great deal of time, resource and energy into organising and promoting this year’s event and this is not a decision we’ve made lightly.

We hope you understand and respect our difficult decision to act now, thus removing uncertainty, reducing the amount of outlay by our audiences, sponsors, traders, suppliers and partners and helping to secure the event in future years.