Ellie Jackson

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Ellie Jackson

Literary & Acoustic Tent – 3:15pm – Saturday

Duffy’s Lucky Escape is the engaging story of the relationship between humans and wildlife and the dangers turtles face in their own natural habitats due to plastic pollution. This beautifully illustrated story guides young children through Duffy’s adventure and her encounter with plastics in the sea after a storm. It teaches children the importance of looking after our environment and how they can help in a fun and friendly way. 

Author Ellie Jackson, a teacher and mother of four, noticed the impact a visit to the Turtle hospital in Townsville, Australia had on her young children and how enthusiastic they subsequently were to pick up rubbish on the beach. Having studied Environmental Science at University, and teaching Geography for 6 years, it was a natural progression for Ellie to teach her own children the environmental message within this book and the idea for Duffy was born.