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Ben Tunnicliffe, Tolcarne Inn

Masterclass: Easy Home- Curing 

When/what time: Saturday 1-2pm

An introduction to the art of curing, pickling, and smoking, and how you can use these techniques at home. Ben will talk through the different processes and how you can achieve great results with minimal equipment and effort, demonstrating examples as he goes. 

Great for your health and your wallet, these age-old techniques are handy tools in every keen cook’s armoury and add a new dimension to seasonal cooking. You’ll leave determined to preserve those gluts of summer vegetables, and to expand your repertoire when it comes to smoked or cured fish dishes.  

From ceviche to home-cured trout and pickled cucumber, guests are in for a treat, with lots of samples to try. Also included in the ticket price is a £10 voucher towards a meal at Ben’s maritime pub in Newlyn, The Tolcarne Inn.  

About Ben Tunnicliffe: 

Chef and restaurateur Ben Tunnicliffe has a string of accolades and a succession of high-profile positions under his belt, yet he hasn’t lost sight of the basics of great food and warm hospitality – qualities which make his maritime pub, The Tolcarne Inn, one of Cornwall’s top dining destinations.

Ben’s early career was spent in country house hotels, significantly Wooley Grange, before he was drawn to Cornwall in 2000 by the opportunity to run The Abbey in Penzance. Owned by Jean and Michael Shrimpton, this ex-nightclub soon became a well-regarded fine-dining restaurant, and it was here that Ben achieved a Michelin Star.

Leaving The Abbey on a high, Ben moved on to other projects. He was asked to help launch The Scarlet Hotel, setting a high standard for the food offering at Cornwall’s most luxurious eco-hotel. However, he increasingly hankered after a place he could call his own, and a personal project was next on the horizon. Eventually he discovered The Tolcarne – a humble pub directly next to the sea wall in Newlyn, which incidentally is Cornwall’s major fishing port.

The Tolcarne opened in July 2012, and it has been flying under the radar as one of the best places to eat in Cornwall – and to enjoy fresh seafood in the whole of the UK – ever since.  

Sourcing and seasonality are all-important to Ben. A good relationship with small producers who are passionate about what they do is essential and helps him offer evolving menus packed with fresh flavours, featuring the best produce from land and sea.

Ben also strives to set a new standard when it comes to hospitality and says: “real hospitality is so important to us. Ultimately, we want to make people smile; both the guests and the people we work with – suppliers and staff. We have an opportunity to bring a little sunshine into your day when you visit one of our restaurants; we hope we succeed.” 

Capacity: 15 pax


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Porthleven 26-28 April 2024

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