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The world’s oceans are choking. 10% of the plastic we use every year ends up in the oceans. That’s around 700 billion plastic bottles. Every year.

Every piece of plastic ever made still exists. Because it doesn’t break down. And half of the plastic we use is only used once before it’s thrown away.

We think that’s a waste. And that it’s about time we took a stand. No-one’s perfect, but if we all took a look at the plastic we use, especially the single-use kind, and did our best to minimise it the world would have less of a plastic problem.

As a Festival we hold beliefs of community and environment at our core. We live in a beautiful place; a place by the ocean. And we don’t want that to change.

So here’s our pledge. We will look at the plastic that is used at our Festival: by our own bars and by the suppliers and stallholders at our Festival. And we’ll minimise it wherever we can and encouraging our partners and visitors to do the same whilst they’re in town having fun – and when they go home.

Our Festival theme for 2018 is Anti Plastic. Fantastic! Let’s make a difference.